Book Deals

DCC has several additional e-books available for free; including Be All You Can Be by John Maxwell, Man of God by Charles Stanley, The Heart of a Leader by Ken Blanchard.

Vyrso has most of the above plus many others, including a new add to the list, A Dad’s Guide to Raising a Son of Character by Rick Johnson.

Inspire Resource Group has a three book package at 50% off. The three books include; Look before You Lead and Advanced Strategic Planning, both by Aubrey Malphurs and Effective Staffing for Vital Churches by  Bill Easum and Bill Tenny-Brittian. Price for all three is $29.48 (with free s/h).

Clearance titles from Scripture Truth Book Company includes Bibles, Commentaries, Devotional, Spiritual Growth and more.

Eisenbrauns Clearance sale of mostly OT books is available here. They also have other deals on their home page. Eisenbrauns published a lot of material related to the OT and the Ancient Near East and includes much scholarly literature.

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Thinking Critically, Books and more

On Critical Thinking

Miles Van Pelt at The Gospel Coalition has an interesting article on Jephthah’s Foolish Vow.

How critically do you analyze your involvement with entertainment and sports? This article may challenge your thinking related to sports.  (Free account required to download)

Check out Paul Tripp’s Wednesday’s Word on being Dehydrated.

As pornography has become mainstream and our children and students are being exposed to it earlier and earlier (average age of first exposure 11 yrs old; largest/fastest group of users is aged 12-17), how do you handle it. Pure Life Ministries is a good source, including this recent article, A Parent’s Dreaded Discovery


Christian Audio is giving away Jerry Bridges Audiobook Who Am I? (Free account required)

WTS Sales this week are:

  • Compassion without Compromise for $10 ($8 if you buy 5 or more). The book deals with homosexuality and biblical responses to it.
  • The Reason for God by Tim Keller for $9
  • What is the Gospel by Greg Gilbert for $6.50
  • Loving the Way Jesus Loves by Phil Ryken for $10
  • Loving Jesus More by Phil Ryken for $12
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Free Books and a price drop from Logos

Get the latest free books from David C. Cook: The Legacy Builder by Rod Olson and When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography by Vicki Tiede. Both are available at Amazon and Vyrso/Logos; however, the Vyrso link is not up for Addicted to Pornography, but you can get it here. Vyrso also has many other free books here.

Monergism continues to post free e-books including Covenant Theology by J. Ligon Duncan, The Crown and Glory of Christianity by Thomas Brooks, On Meekness and the Quietness of Spirit by Matthew Henry, Survey of OT and NT by Machen, Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices by Thomas Brooks and more.

WTS still has there Calvin for Everyone set on sale for $35 as well as some good bargain deals.

Logos has brought the pre-pub price of the highly anticipated, updated 5 volume New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology down to $159.95 which is still higher than I would like but more in line with the $125 price Zondervan is offering the print set for when it releases later this year.

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Books, Blogs, Devo’s and More


David C. Cook has released two more free e-books and a new song from Paul Baloche. Books include The Promises of God by R. C. Sproul, The Meeting of the Waters by Fritz Kling, The new song, My Hope, is from Baloche’s new album, Before Amen.

Monergism has added some more free e-books to their list of over 150 free e-books. Formats include pdf, mobi, kindle.

Paul Tripp has a new 365 day devotional book out called New Morning Mercies. With coupon code morning365 it is $9.99. The coupon code expires Tuesday.

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart is a $3.99 kindle deal at Amazon. This classic is a must read for all Christians.

A new book by Jay Sekulow, the Rise of Isis is available (also at Amazon), arguing the global threat must be dealt with swiftly. I have not read this so I am not endorsing it. The ISIS crisis needs not only a national  and global response from nations but it also needs a global response from Christians – a purposeful, prayer based plea for the Gospel of Jesus to take root, and for Christians to be willing to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ that ‘to die is gain’ and ‘to gain your life you must lose your life’. We spend too much time trying to keep hold of our life that is ‘but a vapor’. Thirty years ago Brother Andrew, founder of Open Doors urged Christians to take the Good News of Jesus to those in Islam or they would eventually bring their swords to us, but we mostly didn’t listen to his prophetic voice.


The latest installments are out from The Art of Manliness and include The Possible Pitfalls of Porn and How To Quit Porn deals with practical ways to quit this “junk food”. This article offers many practical helps and will be especially beneficial for those not interested in just a Biblical approach.

Of related concern may be an article on Self-Control from Desiring God, When You Are Planning to Sin Again and Being a Loser and the Freedom to Fail by Ed Welch.

Ed Stetzer has a good article  on the rampant idolatry that still exists in our hearts and culture.

How serious are you about making the name of Jesus known. What might we learn from Wesley and Whitefield?


If you’re a man who feels like you’re too busy for daily time with God, you may want to consider taking small steps to change that. You could start by signing up for the free subscription to WiRE; a twice weekly devotional aimed specifically at men delivered to your email. By signing up you will also receive a free e-book on Praying like a Man. Let’s face it, we men need all the help we can get. Check it out.

The 22 Day challenge from I Am Second is a video based devotional aimed at helping us give first place in our lives to God. Sign up for free for this 22 day challenge to re-invigorate your focus in life.

One of my personal favorite devotionals is My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers. It is available online here.


How would you respond if your son rejected the faith? Here’s how one man responded.

If you’re available to attend, I would recommend checking out the Sex-Trafficking Lecture in Orlando area on Wednesday November 19, 2014. The cost is just $6 for dinner or $0 for just the lecture. Click here for more info.

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Persecution, Poverty, Parent-less, Purpose, Promotions and more

On World Compassion’s China Mission School and the persecuted Church.

To help feed hungry people for free click here (no joke) – you can also purchase items if you choose.

A resource on engaging our culture and expanding the Kingdom of God through Orphan Care. As my wife and I are currently taking classes to become licensed foster/adoption parents I found this encouraging.

To keep up on some of the Ethical Issues of the day follow The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

Thoughts from Steve Graves on leading under pressure from Jehoshaphat’s life: 8 Insights When The Road Ahead Gets Foggy.

Weekly thoughts from Paul Tripp that will connect real life with Biblical Theology and provide thought provoking questions to help you process life.

A 5 Minute video overview of the Old Testament from Dan Hait.

Of course, I recommend you keep up with all the insights Tim Challies posts over at his blog; including books, blogs, and tons of great insights (his A La Carte), including his recent post on Songs We Sing. And no he doesn’t pay me to promote this, in fact he most likely doesn’t even know me – I just find his blog to be great. I check it daily.

A Reader’s Guide to the Christian Life from Monergism Books, along with their list of FREE ebooks.

Al Mohler’s book, The Conviction to Lead for 50% off at Inspire Resources.

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The Art of Manliness

As an eclectic reader and knowledge monger I often read on a wide range of topics; from Wired Magazine, Inc., Fast Company to Christianity Today, Relevant, Christian History. Today’s blog is just part of my eclecticism.

Though the following articles from The Art of Manliness may not be Scripture based they generally fall in line with Biblical Principles and are worth a read. They are especially good in demonstrating the lack of manliness in our current culture and some of the culture shifting that has occurred. They demonstrate more of the traditional cultural morals that were found in a previous society. The first two articles are also an excellent example of the influence of marketing and bias in research on our thinking.

The article on the rise of the diamond as part of engagement and the marketing behind it is an insightful read demonstrating the power of marketing and culture creating.

The series of articles beginning with Men and Porn: An Introduction demonstrate several important truths that Christians must radically come to grips with – not only as it relates to porn and sexual practices – but as it relates to all things. We are completely inundated with not just advertising, but research as well that is completely biased in that it is predicated on WEIRD people, almost exclusively. Christians, cannot continue to fall into this trap of ignorant, ethnocentric thinking. We are part of the Kingdom of God. Other articles in the series include Men And Porn: Why Is The Pull So Strong and The Problem With Porn.

The 3 P’s of Manhood; Protect, Procreate, and Provide is a good general read on the traditional understanding of manhood in our culture. An additional distinction is made between “Being A Good Man” vs. “Being Good At Being A Man”. Many of the insights can also be found in Scripture, though not necessarily all of them. For their complete Roadmap to Manhood you can go here.

How Delaying Intimacy Can Benefit Your Relationship demonstrates the need for delaying of gratification as part of maturity.

And lastly Why You Should Let Your Kids Play in the Dirt.

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At what age should you “retire”?

A more full treatment of the topic may come at a later time but as I was studying on Daniel 6 and contemplating the great things God was doing with a 90 year old man, I ran across the following from a sermon posted by John MacArthur on Robert G. Lee’s comments related to age and serving the Lord.

So, we see again Daniel. But this time, rather than looking at him as a young man, as we have been in the past, we see him as a very old man. In fact, mark this, in chapter 6, Daniel is pushing hard at 90 years of age…90 years of age, and he’s still God’s man. He’s still God’s choice. And he was still the choice of the king to be the prime minister. You know, the…the power of a virtuous life extends into old age.

Dr. Criswell at Dallas First Baptist tells of Robert G. Lee who was a great preacher in the south and Robert G. Lee on his 84th birthday, which was in 1970, November 11, was asked this question, “Are you going to keep on preaching, Dr. Lee?” This is what he replied: “When there are so many unsaved people around, when there are sorrowing hearts to be comforted, when so many young people are throwing away their life in folly’s court and carnal pleasure’s mart, when there are so many evils against which protest must be made, when so many old people are lonely on the sunset trail, when in 1910, at my ordination, I was married to preaching until death do us part, why should I not in the 85th year of my life keep on preaching?” Dr. Lee added some fortifying statistics, by the way, that ought to bless and encourage any of you who are pushing 90 or 80. This is what he said: “Newman Darlan, a scholar of accepted standing, made an analysis of the lives and achievements of 400 foremost characters of history. The analysis showed that nearly 80% of the world’s greatest figures closed active lives between 58 and 80. Twenty-five percent continued beyond 70, twenty-two and a half percent beyond 80, and six percent beyond 90. Consider what has been done by men beyond 80. When 83, Gladstone, for the fourth time, became Prime Minister of Great Britain. Michelangelo, at 89, executed his Last Judgment, perhaps the most famous single picture in the world. John Wesley preached with almost undiminished eloquence at 88…closing at that remarkable age, the most remarkable career of his time, having traveled a quarter of a million miles in an age that knew neither electricity nor steam, and he had delivered, someone estimated, 4,000 sermons and written volumes and volumes of books. Edison was inventing at 90. Wright, at 90, was considered a creative architect. Shaw was writing plays at 90. Grandma Moses was painting at 80. J.C. Penny, the great Christian, was working strenuously at his desk at 95.”

And we say – Oh, I’m 55, I’ve got to get out. And we forfeit the richness of age…the richness of age.

Daniel was pushing 90 and he was God’s man. And God put him right where He wanted him and the politics of Medo-Persia had little to do to withstand it.

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