Books N More (Dec. 5)

There are quite a few book deals today.

For Kindle users check out

If you haven’t perused the Vyrso listing in a while here’s the link to their books starting with the FREE ones. Vyrso is a sister of Logos and the books are usable on either platform. Vyrso also has the following new items on sale

For WORDsearch Bible Software the current sale is here and includes

  • College Press (41 vols) for $150
  • NIGTC (13 vols) for $150 (Must call in)
  • Olford Expository Bundle (16 vols) for $90 (Must call in)
  • Following God Seris (24 vol) for $50 (Must call in)
  • Pick 4 Sale which has some great deals for $100 each
  • The Pastor’s Library is still FREE (195 books FREE) – check my previous post on WORDsearch
  • Remember if you call Ryan at 800-825-2648 X7145 you can get an additional percent off (usually 20-30%) – even on most sale items!!!
  • FREE Book here (check back weekly on Friday’s)
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Get WORDsearch with 100s of Books for FREE TODAY!

Due to business I have not kept you updated on FREE and sale books (Books N More) but WORDsearch has too many great deals available for you not to take advantage of some of them today. This post will focus strictly on WORDsearch Bible Software, this Bible study platform bought out QuickVerse and is now run by Lifeway.

If you use Bible software I want to recommend WORDsearch, not because it’s the best software (it’s good but it’s not the best) but because of the value you get for the resources. I have tried to switch to just one platform (I have at least 6 different Bible Study Software programs including Logos 7, Bibleworks 8, Accordance 11 Lite, WORDsearch, The Word, E-Sword).

For instance, for those interested in original language works the Theological Dictionary of the OT ($150 for 15 volumes) and NT is currently ($99 for 10 vols) on sale. If you call my sales rep Ryan (see below) he can probably save you something additional and maybe throw in a free book (tell him Kevin Adams sent you). In addition to the above referenced items the WORDsearch Thanksgiving sale (end today) includes Pillar New Testament Commentary (14 vols) for $100,  New Testament for Everyone (NT Wright) for $60, Reformation Commentary Set (9 vols) for $100, 20 books for $20, The Bible Speaks Today OT/NT (55 vols) for $150, Exegetical Guide to Greek NT (5 vols) for $50, NAC Studies in Bible & Theology Bundle (10 vols) for $40, Feasting on the Word set (12 vols) for $50, Knowing the Bible Bundle (20 vols) for $60, Gospel Advocate Commentary (14 vols) for $50, Perspectives Series (9 vols) for $50, Theology Bundle (50 vols) for $40, Keil & Delitzsch (10 vols) for $20, Dictionary of Biblical Imagery for $15, the IVP Dictionary Bundle (9 vols) for $150 , ISBE Bundle (1915 and Revised) for $100, and many more (Butler, etc.), including the following FREE items

While WORDsearch is not my primary Bible Study Software (Logos is), it has become my secondary and I use it weekly. I try to purchase primarily in Logos but some of the items listed above are (1) not available in Logos and (2) will probably never be at the price WORDsearch is selling them for. For instance the Theological Dictionary of the OT is $700 at Logos and will probably not go below $300. Thus I bought it from WORDsearch for $130 (directly from Ryan – $20 off the sale price of $150).

As if that’s not enough, WORDsearch has a 195 volume library designed for those teaching and preaching for FREE here. This FREE bundle also includes the WORDsearch 10 engine/software to utilize all the resources. Then you can browse the 200 or so additional FREE books here and be sure to check in every Friday for the FREE book listed here!

No, I don’t work for WORDsearch (although maybe I should). For additional discounts (up to 30% on top of most sale prices contact Ryan Roberts at 800-825-2648 ext 7145 or Let him know that Kevin Adams referred you (not sure if it will help me but it cant’ hurt). 

P.S. If you like Warren Wiersbe’s material WORDsearch just put some of his titles on sale today as well.

P.S.S. My recommendation if you already use Logos (or another program) is to evaluate what they are selling these resources for (including in bundle or base package deals). If you will likely purchase them at a later time for a better or similar price then wait. However, if the items are not available, are too expensive, are not in a bundle/base package, are not likely to go on sale for a similar price – then unless you have lots of extra money and can afford to keep everything in one platform I suggest using two platforms for financial reasons.

P.S.S.S. If you’re in a pinch and have a lot of printer paper you can do an Instant Verse Study (IVS) in WORDsearch and it will bring together all the comments from all your resources (you can select which ones if you prefer) in a single word document that you can save for later, print for reading, etc. Of course you can also just use their mobile or web app which syncs with all the resources you own.



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Outrageous (Book Review)

Aaron Tredway’s recently released book Outrageous (Baker Books) is an easy and enjoyable read. Comprised of mostly entertaining and frequently humorous stories, Tredway demonstrates how God uses normal people when they are willing to get out of their comfort zone, take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves and trust Him.

By taking advantage of these God opportunities and trusting God in and through these opportunities Tredway demonstrates (through numerous personal stories) how you can leave the ordinary life and begin experiencing the outrageous life.

A question posed by Tredway Is Jesus worthy of my life? is a question all of us must ask. The obvious answer (Yes!) should cause us to do as he does – abandon our current agenda when God calls us to something else or presents us with an opportunity for courageousness.

Tredway quotes Os Guiness (great-great-grandson of Arthur Guinness – of the beer – which I didn’t know) saying “Our problem is not that we aren’t where we should be, but that we aren’t what we should be where we are.”

Basically, if you want a good, easy read that will encourage you to step out in faith this might do it for you. You’ll also learn a bit about Aaron Tredway, how being single is not a hindrance to outrageous or Godly living, and how God will do outrageous things with you if you’ll just get out of your rut.

Disclaimer: This book was provided to me for free in exchange for a review of the book.


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No God But One: A Book Review

In his recent book No God But One Nabeel Qureshi takes on the question of whether or not Allah and Jesus and Islam and Christianity are compatible. This recently released book (Aug. 31) has already hit the NY Times Bestseller List at #8 and is a follow up to the book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.

Though at first I was’t sure I would enjoy the book I have come to both enjoy and appreciate it for several reasons.

First, it educated me in the thinking process behind certain ideas in Islam. This is huge. Part of the reason that we fail to have beneficial dialogue with people of other beliefs is because we don’t understand where they are coming from (and vice versa). In No God But One we find answers and the underlying belief structure (worldview) to the thinking and arguments of Islam.

Some of the ones I found enlightening were; [page numbers in brackets]

  1. The elevated status of a prophet to leader (not just messenger) [30, 92-95].
  2. The main problem of humanity is ignorance, which is solved by learning what to believe and how to live. Adhering to these will earn the pleasure of Allah [31]. In Christianity the main problem of humanity is disobedience/rebellion. This is tantamount to rejecting God (the source of life) thus resulting in a broken relationship and death. The solution is God’s grace/love/mercy mediated through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross and a restored relationship  [33].
  3. The more accurate comparison to the Quran is Jesus, not the Bible. In Islam the Quran is eternal. In Christianity the Bible was written over time and did not always exist. Yes, it is eternal in the sense that God’s Word doesn’t change but that is not what is meant. The point here is that Islam believes the Quran always existed. In Christianity the Bible did not always exist. For example there was not New Testament until after Jesus’ death/resurrection. This is a game changer. The proper comparison is thus Jesus, whom Christian’s believe is eternal, not the Bible [56, 109-135].
  4. The discussion on the trinity is potentially worth the price of the book. Qureshi distinguishes between what you are (human) and who you are (person/YOU). Unlike a human being who has only one person God (the what) has three persons (the who). Both Christians and Muslims agree God is bigger than us so the discussion should focus on the revelation of WHO God is, not our idea of who he is or who we think he should be [57-64].
  5. The relational aspect of God (in Christianity ) is inherent in God being triune. In contrast, in Islam God is singular and thus has no intrinsically relational aspect. This relational characteristic of God is a big difference between the two faith, leading to the very prevalent concept of God’s love/mercy/grace in Christianity  [65-73].
  6. The status of Muhammad as prophet in Islam is parallel to Jesus’ status as God in Christianity. If you remove either one, the foundations of the faith crumble [85, 92-95].
  7. The crusades, an inflammatory subject, is given fair hearing from both perspectives with correction to several assumptions regarding the origin, perpetrators, and rationale behind them. Additionally, Qureshi challenges the reader to separate the message/messenger from his followers actions and to evaluate the founders and their message separately from those who followed them.
    In this regard as well, Qureshi looks at Luke 22:35-38 where Jesus tells his followers to bring along two swords on their journey. Qureshi argues that these “swords” are machete like tools, not weapons of war. Not that they can’t or are never used for fighting but that their primary purpose is a tool not a weapon. He concludes that is why two is sufficient – everyone doesn’t need their own machete, hatchet, etc. You just need a couple for the travelling group. This discussion also intersperses some thoughts on just-war theory, pacifism and the like [136-158, 159-165ff].
  8. The historical reliability of the the two faiths is testable! Christianity claims Jesus died by crucifixion and rose from the dead. Islam denies this. As Qureshi argues, test the claims. There is historical evidence, outside the Bible, that indicates that Jesus died on a cross in the first century AD [170-245].
  9. The claims of Jesus’ deity supported [247-283].
  10. The claims of Muhammad’s status as a prophet dismantled [284-344].

I recommend this book as a great tool for a better understanding of Islam and Christianity.

Disclaimer: This book was received free from Zondervan in exchange for a fair review.

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Books N More (Aug. 15)

There are a lot of great Kindle Deals today – many are repeats from months gone by but check out this list for starters. I’ve tried to indicate when you can get them for the same price in Logos for those who prefer that platform (as I do).

For 99 cents

For 2.99

For 9.99


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Books N More (Aug. 9)

Franchising McChurch is currently FREE on Kindle.

Several titles in the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary Series are on sale for $2.99. Here’s the Kindle links.

Several titles from Zondervan on the Gospels are on sale (until 8/11), including;

  • NIV Application Commentary for $4.99 (These are top rated commentaries)
  • Zondervan Exegetical Commentary series for $7.99 (These are excellent commentaries for understanding the structure and flow of the text)
  • The Story of God Commentary
  • Zondervan Illustrated Bible Background Commentary
  • Studies on the Go (Youth Ministry Oriented) for $3.99

Zondervan Bundle packages are available at an additional discount as well. View the sale.

By signing up here you can also receive a free commentary collection on Matthew 28 (from Zondervan).

New American Commentary sale

The latest edition of the journal Themelios (41.2) is out. You can download it here (pdf) or here (Logos) for FREE.

Logos Now Membership is Logos‘ new online membership program for $89/year (this was previously called Logos Now). With this you are renting the tools instead of buying them but if you haven’t already invested heavily in the platform this is a good way to get in. Members will receive extra discounts and specials monthly as well as other perks. You can check it out here. Not sure when the next edition of Logos (version 7) will be out but my guess is sometime between now and the beginning of January.

WORDsearch Bible Software has several items on sale, includng;

Interested in taking a FREE college or seminary level Bible Class. The following are currently FREE offers (limited time).

For other courses that are regularly available for viewing for FREE check out

The new print book No God But One: Allah or Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi has some special offers if pre-ordered. Look for my review on this book in the coming weeks.

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Books N More (Aug. 2)

August is here and so are a slew of new books for FREE and real cheap!

Logos book of the month is Ecclesiastes in the Believers Church Bible Commentary. You can also pick up the Ephesians volume in the same set for just $1.99. For lots of additional August sales go here.

Remember, the Logos sale on the NSBT series ends August 8th. Don’t miss out.

Faithlife/Logos is giving FREE access to a mobile ed course Paul’s Theology and the Letter toe ht Philippians for the month of August only. Go here for details.


Vyrso has several books for FREE (more than several if you haven’t checked it out in a while).

Amazon Kindle has Travelogue of the Interior: Finding Your Voice and God’s Heart in the Psalms (as of 8/2).

Monergism has many free books as well as many sales on kindle and print books.

Christian Audio’s FREE audio book of the month is The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. This is a classic (that I have yet to read) so what better way than to listen to it for FREE. Get it now (free account required).

WeAreWorship has Majesty by Delirious for FREE as well as the hymn O The Blood.

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