Bold as Love by Bob Roberts

Bob Roberts’ latest book Bold as Love challenges readers to re-evaluate how they live life. Simply put Bob unpacks what it means to ‘love your neighbor’ boldly, authentically, with truthfulness, in all of life.

Bob doesn’t pretend that this bold loving won’t pose some interesting interactions or unplanned dilemma’s. He does indicate; however, that it will stretch and grow your faith like never before.

Bob delves into the fact that our fear often keeps us from loving others boldly; fear of them, fear of outcomes, etc. The solution to this is a radical reliance upon God (bold faith). Bob provides many anecdotal examples from his own life to demonstrate this.

The most controversial part of the book and possibly the area that may result in the most fruitful, long term, is the aspect of promoting multi-faith events, forums and relationships with the single intent of loving your neighbor. While the hoped for end result is a fellow believer, Bob’s point is that we should love others boldly whether or not they ever come to faith in Christ.

Putting Bob’s book into action will challenge you to think beyond what you are used to. It will put you in situations in which you will have to determine, like the first generation of disciples, what it really means to follow Jesus in a pluralistic world. When we simply keep to our own ‘tribe’ we begin to live in a bubble and become more concerned with protecting our tribe than with reaching out to others.

While everyone may not agree with some of Bob’s decisions or how he lives out loving his neighbor, everyone needs to be challenged to move beyond their current level of loving their neighbor.

For many of us, we, like Bob,  will need to deal with unforgiveness in our hearts, toward others and even entire people groups or nations. Bold love won’t coexist with unforgiveness! Bold love willingly forgives!

Lastly, Bob is not advocating for some liberal type of Christianity with no truth; in fact, Bob devotes more than a chapter to detailing out various aspects of doctrinal truth and why it is important for modern life. Bob advocates Biblical truth lived out in Bold love and that is something we should be able to agree upon. Read the book to be challenged in your level of faith and involvement in your neighbor’s life.


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