Morning Musings: Sovereignty & Goodness

As I was reading Isaiah 19 this morning from the Message I was thinking through the idea of God’s sovereignty; the idea of Him being in complete control of all things. In conjunction with this thought was the thought of my own life struggles and the billions of people on the planet with their life struggles. 

How can I possibly deal with/cope with my own struggles and those of others? So much pain and hurt.

A willy-nilly God that does not care and is not involved (which it often seems) would be nefariously irrelevant.

But what about a compassionate all-consuming God that works behind the scenes for a bigger picture?

Is the big picture at the expense of individual?

Is there a plan-intervention-for the one caught up, trapped, and enslayed by self or others?

I am part of the plan-but more people are needed in the plan. (But as God told Elijah I have 7,000 others…)

I’m responsible for my downflow-for the influence I have in those that God brings in out of my life. I must be faithful to that, them and pray incessantly and unceasingly for those without, for the lead on no, for those not my life (billions).

But what of those who have no one – they have creation according to Romans 1 – to show them their is a God. Though I don’t recall creation ever pointing me to understanding that God exists maybe this is because I already believed there was a God. Or maybe our Western civilization has intuitively canceled that idea out.

So in the end, unless there is a sovereign a good God does anyone make sense of the mess we find ourselves in? The alternative option, a chance filled  evolutionary world, provides a lasting hope.

So I choose to believe in a God who knows everything and can change anything. That is Psalm 107 tells us we can turn our prosperity into bankruptcy in our bankruptcy and prosperity. But he can orchestrate a situation presented Joseph to Egypt years before famine strikes all of the good intention of saving an entire nation, though unbeknownst to Joseph. That’s what faith is, and today that’s what I choose – faith that God is both sovereign and good.


About Kevin M. Adams

M.Div.: Biblical Studies M.A.: Biblical Studies B.S.: Criminal Justice Diploma: Business Management 20 Years Youth Ministry 12 Years Food Service 9 Years School Teacher 7 Years Bus Driving 7 Years Church Planter/Pastor Enjoy Camping, Canoeing, Photography, Tennis (not good!), Reading
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