The Art of Manliness

As an eclectic reader and knowledge monger I often read on a wide range of topics; from Wired Magazine, Inc., Fast Company to Christianity Today, Relevant, Christian History. Today’s blog is just part of my eclecticism.

Though the following articles from The Art of Manliness may not be Scripture based they generally fall in line with Biblical Principles and are worth a read. They are especially good in demonstrating the lack of manliness in our current culture and some of the culture shifting that has occurred. They demonstrate more of the traditional cultural morals that were found in a previous society. The first two articles are also an excellent example of the influence of marketing and bias in research on our thinking.

The article on the rise of the diamond as part of engagement and the marketing behind it is an insightful read demonstrating the power of marketing and culture creating.

The series of articles beginning with Men and Porn: An Introduction demonstrate several important truths that Christians must radically come to grips with – not only as it relates to porn and sexual practices – but as it relates to all things. We are completely inundated with not just advertising, but research as well that is completely biased in that it is predicated on WEIRD people, almost exclusively. Christians, cannot continue to fall into this trap of ignorant, ethnocentric thinking. We are part of the Kingdom of God. Other articles in the series include Men And Porn: Why Is The Pull So Strong and The Problem With Porn.

The 3 P’s of Manhood; Protect, Procreate, and Provide is a good general read on the traditional understanding of manhood in our culture. An additional distinction is made between “Being A Good Man” vs. “Being Good At Being A Man”. Many of the insights can also be found in Scripture, though not necessarily all of them. For their complete Roadmap to Manhood you can go here.

How Delaying Intimacy Can Benefit Your Relationship demonstrates the need for delaying of gratification as part of maturity.

And lastly Why You Should Let Your Kids Play in the Dirt.


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