Persecution, Poverty, Parent-less, Purpose, Promotions and more

On World Compassion’s China Mission School and the persecuted Church.

To help feed hungry people for free click here (no joke) – you can also purchase items if you choose.

A resource on engaging our culture and expanding the Kingdom of God through Orphan Care. As my wife and I are currently taking classes to become licensed foster/adoption parents I found this encouraging.

To keep up on some of the Ethical Issues of the day follow The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

Thoughts from Steve Graves on leading under pressure from Jehoshaphat’s life: 8 Insights When The Road Ahead Gets Foggy.

Weekly thoughts from Paul Tripp that will connect real life with Biblical Theology and provide thought provoking questions to help you process life.

A 5 Minute video overview of the Old Testament from Dan Hait.

Of course, I recommend you keep up with all the insights Tim Challies posts over at his blog; including books, blogs, and tons of great insights (his A La Carte), including his recent post on Songs We Sing. And no he doesn’t pay me to promote this, in fact he most likely doesn’t even know me – I just find his blog to be great. I check it daily.

A Reader’s Guide to the Christian Life from Monergism Books, along with their list of FREE ebooks.

Al Mohler’s book, The Conviction to Lead for 50% off at Inspire Resources.


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