Glory Revealed?

My eyes have seen the glory of the Lord – or have they?

Why is it that we don’t like some people? That some people drive us nuts?

Maybe it’s because we’re too focused on US – ourselves, our desire, our wants, our expectations – what we think they should be like, etc. We think they should be more ______ or less ________ or this or that. Suddenly we’ve become god. We’ve taken the place of the one who made them in His own image. We’ve hijacked the great and good God. We’ve become a terrorist. We’re about to cause an explosion in the sky but it’s not the beauty of the sun, it’s a bomb.

What is going on here?

We’ve tried to replace the Great Artist with our puny amateur attempt. We’re trying to re-create what the Artist has already made – like a child attempting to “fix” a Van Gough.

Because we have fallen out of love with the Great Artist Himself. For if we loved the Artist, we would attempt to understand His piece of artwork. What/Where is the beauty that He has created here? How is He making Himself glorious, great, and good in this masterpiece He has created (for we are all His masterpiece, His work of art).

When we love the Artist and His greatness, His goodness, His grandeur…then we will realize it is US, it is our eyes that need adjusting. We have been living in the dark and need to re-adjust, to squint as it were, to re-focus on the Artist Himself and then…maybe in His goodness and grace He will reveal to us the beauty of Himself that is reflected in this work of art called…image of God, person, human, representative on earth…one who once found IN Christ will judge the angels and creation beside HIM! This too is a mystery to behold.

Surely, my original impression of this person was wrong. I was blind. My taste buds were off. My ADD needed a dose of reality. I needed to pause…to linger…to dwell on what the Maker of Heaven and Earth who makes all things good had made – standing before me – that my ill perceiving senses are missing.

And then, as I re-align myself with my Maker, The Creator…when I remember His grace, goodness, gentleness to me I will then realize that as I saw this person – He has never seen me, no never. Because as He made me and saw me as a reflection of Himself, as a grand work of art – so too are they – and suddenly light the morning sun breaking through the dawn, I realize – I begin to see, just bits and pieces at first, but pieces nonetheless – that yes, they too are scattered beams of the glory of the Son!

Inspired and Adapted from chapter 6 of Look and Live by Matt Papa (a great read).


About Kevin M. Adams

M.Div.: Biblical Studies M.A.: Biblical Studies B.S.: Criminal Justice Diploma: Business Management 20 Years Youth Ministry 12 Years Food Service 9 Years School Teacher 7 Years Bus Driving 7 Years Church Planter/Pastor Enjoy Camping, Canoeing, Photography, Tennis (not good!), Reading
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