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Last week I posted about FREE Bible Software and focused on Logos Bible Software from Faithlife. I urged you to get Logos because even if you don’t have the money to utilized all its features or purchase books through Logos you can still benefit from some top name scholarly books and commentaries that they give away for FREE each week/month.

This week I want to transition to a product that offers a couple hundred FREE ebooks and has probably the best sale prices to build your library (though FREE books are not offered as consistently as Logos).

WORDsearch Bible is a program owned by Lifeway (along with QuickVerse, mostly superceded by WORDsearch). Like most Bible software programs WORDsearch allows you to search, copy, paste, etc. WORDsearch also has a built in text editor allowing you to include sermons and bible studies that you write in the software’s library.

WORDsearch Basic is the FREE version of the software. You can download a couple hundred books for FREE for the software as well as purchase other books/resources. Additionally, you can use your software online via from any computer once you have registerd for a FREE MyWSB account. Apps for both Android and iOS are also available.

You can also upgrade to the full/premium version (currently version 10) of WORDsearch for about $30.  For a description of what is included and comparison details between additional packages (add-on books included) check out the comparisons here. A couple of the features are Verse Explorer where you can search your library for any book that references a particular verse, social media integration for posting to Facebook and others. It also includes Topic Explorer, Instant Verse Search (probably one of the cooler features), which enables you to create a Word document of all the commentary data you have on a particular passage of Scripture. If you own many books this can quickly become a couple hundred page document. The benefit of this is slightly less now that you can use the online MyWSB.com site; however, if you like print outs you’ll find this handy.

As mentioned, the sale prices on products in WORDsearch are usually much better than those at Logos. That is why I still have and use WORDsearch, along with Logos (my primary go-to workhorse). The primary benefit of Logos in this regard is the ability to purchase top notch, newer materials and specifically in the area of discourse analysis – which from my research to date no other software package can even come close.

WORDsearch also provides an opportunity to integrate the Liberty Home Bible Institute from Liberty University, which upon completion earns up to 30 credit hours at Liberty University and a Diploma. For details on this go here.

WORDsearch offers a FREE book every Friday through it’s blog. You can also catch the deal via their Twitter or FB post.

One disappointment with WORDsearch is the fact that anytime a book is updated (let’s say Lifeway re-formats or fixes some errors, etc.) you lose all your highlighting. To be blunt, this is plain ridiculous; however, I have been told by Lifeway rep’s that this is supposed to be fixed when version 11 is released. I hope so as it is a blemish on an otherwise good software package.

All in all I think WORDsearch is a great package with social media integration and some of the best deals on books and commentaries (annual BOGO deals and more). I still use it occasionally for some commentary sets I have not purchased in Logos but own in WORDsearch.


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