What the Bible REALLY says about joy

If you are like me, living with joy may be a struggle in your life. Here’s some thoughts on the subject.

When I finally decided to stop talking about it and actually start writing Radically Normal, my first step was conducting an extensive study on the word “joy” and words like it throughout the Bible.

As I looked at the total context of how the Bible (and hence God) views joy, my own thoughts and opinions were reshaped – I was pushed to emphasize earthly joy more (not less) in light of what the Bible teaches. So while I’ll only site this study a handful of times in the final project, it forms the basis my book and makes it what it is. I think this study is one of the things that gives this book such a unique perspective.[1] To my knowledge, no other study like this was been publicized.

The Study Itself

Regarding my methodology: I basically used Bibleworks to create a search of every synonym of “joy”…

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