Follow these for FREE eBooks…

The last two weeks I highlighted Faithlife/Logos and WORDsearch as platforms for building a library of Christian eBooks. Today I want to highlight a couple resources for you to follow – they will keep you in the loop on additional FREE and sale priced eBooks.

  1. David C. Cook Books provides weekly free eBooks, usually twice per week (on Mondays and mid-week around Wednesday I think). I regularly get a couple FREE books per week from their links. The books are usually available in multiple formats including; Kindle, Vyrso/Logos, iBook, Google, etc. Sometimes they offer FREE pdf downloads or audio/video downloads as well. You can sign up for their email list to remind you to take advantage of their offers as well.
  2. Tim Challies, author and blogger is my top blog to follow because unlike me, he gets lots of books given to him by publishers and is thus in the know on lots of good intel regarding new books. He blogs regularly and also produces a daily A-La-Carte list in which the first item is usually FREE (like Matt Chandler’s To Live Is Christ….today – go get it!) or SALE books – mostly eBooks but also sales from the likes of WTS Bookstore (one of my favorite places to buy print books on sale).
  3. also has lots of free eBooks in the reformed tradition in a variety of formats (mobi, ePub, pdf).
  4. For Kindle owners/readers of course has lots of FREE eBooks available. While many of them are older and out of print, they are still valuable (and sometimes invaluable as Christian classics and theology go). Here is a link to FREE Christian eBooks on Amazon. Just sort by price (upper right) and category (left side) and beware of the free Kindle unlimited price – those aren’t’ free unless you are a Kindle unlimited subscriber. Here’s a deal I just found for $2.99 on a 770 page Theology For The Church edited by Daniel Akin (President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) with a print price of $55.00 (it’s also on iTunes for that price).

By following the above lists and perusing Amazon’s list yourself you will find new books on a regular basis that are FREE – I get several each week!


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