Rants on Ridiculousness (Sept. 17)!

The most humorous piece I read today in the Orlando Sentinel was the “Study: Dirty air kills 3.3 M yearly; toll to nearly double” but in all fairness the ridiculousness was actually a type – and hilarious. The article indicated that currently 3.3 million people die globally from air pollution (farming, soot, smog, etc.) and that this number is expected to double to – get ready, here it comes – “6.6 billion a year by 2050.” Did you catch that??? We’re doubling form 3.3 MILLION to 6.6 BILLION. I know the math scores are getting low but that’s pretty bad. OK, I’m sure it was just a typo! Anyway, it made me laugh – hope it did the same for you. And maybe we’ll start cleaning up the air – or at least the laugh we got from the article will prolong our lives another day!

In other news – last week I reported on the ridiculousness of arresting people for outstanding court costs that they don’t have the money to pay to begin with – called a “writ of bodily attachment” – well guess what? Orange County has ended the practice, effectively killing more than 21,000 (yes that is twenty one thousand) arrest orders and the impending incarceration that follows.

It appears that there are almost as many gun laws being put forward as their are republican nominees for president! Currently there are bills for the right to carry on college campuses, bills for open carry (for those with concealed carry permits) of firearms and tasers (including the ability to sue city and county officials for interfering with this right), bills to carry on K-12 school campuses, bills to ban mandatory minimum sentencing for justifiable use of force, bills related to Stand Your Ground laws.

Florida has legislation pending that make cohabiting legal. Currently it is illegal and punishable by fines up to $500 and 60 days in jail. Supporters have argued that is is discriminatory because it does not include same-sex couples (Equality for All!!!!). Also, it’s kinda hard to enforce these days -after all who knows how many of the 480,000 unmarried couples living together in Florida are really engaging in unlawful sex?!

The rest of today’s headlines consisted mostly of ridiculous occurrences of murder and mayhem (literally!), including Bright House’s plans to remove all services from the Tymber Skan neighborhood because it’s too dangerous for its employees to provide service there.

But hey, anybody seen that missing King Cobra?


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