Books N More (Sept. 18)

Today’s FREE books from David C Cook include; The Heart of Worship (Logos/Vyrso), A Beautiful Fall (Logos/Vyrso Kindle), Fields of the Fatherless (Logos/Vyrso Kindle), When the Smoke Clears (Logos/Vyrso Kindle)

The Existence and Attributes of God, a classic by Stephen Charnock as well as his Discourses on God’s Salvation of Sinners are available (Kindle, epub, pdf) from For 166 more Kindle books click here.

Amazon has The End of Christianity by William Dempski for 99 cents (check Vyrso later in the day -they’re behind on matching sometimes)

Noet’s Freebie for this Friday is The Method, Meditation and Philosophy of Descartes and the add-on 99 cent book is Spinoza’s The Philosophy of Descartes. Freebie code is CARTESIAN at checkout.

Rising Above by Wayne Cordiero is just 99 cents (Vyros Kindle), Depression: Looking Up from the Stubborn Darkness (I try to read everything Ed Welch writes – Vyrso Kindle) is $1.99, as is God’s Smuggler (a classic and top read Vyrso), The Wonder Working God (Vyrso), The Story of King Jesus (Children’s Book – Vyrso Kindle), Kiss Me Like You Mean It (Vyrso).

For those who have heard it said that the “eye of the needle” Jesus was referring to when discussing whether rich people would enter heaven or not was not really referring to a real needle I encourage you to read this post. I believe Gleason Archer says pretty much the same as the post as well.

Movies in the News: War Room is out and has received a lot of positive feedback. Captive is another one – less in your face Christian – but it details the story of the escaped convict who gave himself up after being read to from Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. Thirdly, Woodlawn hits theaters October 16 and looks to be good.

Other potentially interesting movies: The Walk (October), Concussion (December), Risen (January)

Tim Challies has several links to some thought provoking articles on his daily blog.

And here’s a lengthy article on incarceration in America. There’s a lot of important information included in this article. We as a culture have yet to really deal with the effects of our social policies and the long term consequences – both for entire groups of people and for our society as a whole. We need some serious systemic level changes in the criminal justice system in America.

And for several more reads on a variety of topics check out Nicholas McDonald‘s blog.


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