Books N More (Nov. 7)

I have a hard time not passing along good news on books so for the weekend here’s some more deals. At the bottom of the list are a few articles I found interesting.

Vyrso has added Fight for FREE. I listed it yesterday with Kindle but sometimes Vyrso is a little behind 😦

Vyrso has also added Affordable Christmas, Gabriel’s Atonement (fiction) for FREE.

From Monergism you can pick up the following titles for FREE in various formats (epub, Kindle, pdf): Divine Origin of Bible by BB Warfield, Covenant of Grace by Johm Murray, Virgin Birth by J Gresham Machen, Studies in Theology by James Denney, Life of Christ by Machen, Person of Christ in NT by Warfield, Effectual Calling and Regeneration by Lloyd-Jones. Additionally the Sovereignty of God by Boettner is FREE (pdf only).

And, also thanks to Monergism here’s a list of Kindle books on sale.

A Simple Christianity by John MacArthur ($2,99)
The Most Encouraging Book on Hell Ever by Thor Ramsey ($1,99)
Cruciform by Jimmy Davis, ($1.99)
Reclaiming Adoption by Dan Cruver, ($1.99)
Torn to Heal by Mike Leake, ($1.99)
Anchored in Grace by Jeremy Walker, ($1.99)
Awaiting a Savior by Aaron Armstrong, ($1.99)
Does God Listen to Rap? by Curtis Allen, ($1.99)
Innocent Blood by John Ensor. ($1.99)
Grounded in the Faith by Ken Erisman ($3.99);
What Does the Bible Really Teach about Hom______ by Kevin DeYoung ($4.74);
 Cross by John Piper ($0.99);
Grounded in the Gospel by J.I. Packer ($2.99);
Doxology and Theology by Matt Boswell ($2.99);
Preaching the Farewell Discourse by Scott Kellum ($2.99);
Each for the Other by Bryan & Kathy Chapell ($1.99)
Salvation by Grace: The Case for Effectual
Callingand Regeneration by Matthew Barrett, ($0.99)
A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible by John Dickson
Sister and Follower by C. H. Spurgeon ($1.99)
Saturate by Jeff Vanderstelt ($4.99);
Disciple by Bill Clem ($4.99);
Community by Brad House ($4.99);
Pursuing Peace by Robert D. Jones ($3.99)
Gospel-Centered Discipleship by Jonathan Dodson ($4.99).
Sermons That Shaped America by William Barker ($1.99);
Bonhoeffer Student Edition by Eric Metaxas ($1.99);
NIV MacArthur Study Bible ($3.99);
How God Became Jesus by Michael Bird ($2.99).
Real Peace by Andy Farmer ($3.99)
Bringing the Gospel Home by Randy Newman ($3.99)
Unpacking Forgiveness by Chris Brauns ($3.99)
The Greener Grass Conspiracy by Stephen Altrogge ($3.99)
The Rage Against God  by Peter Hitchens ($2.99)

 The NIV Application Commentary – $4.99 or less each
Genesis; Leviticus, Numbers; Deuteronomy; Joshua; Judges and Ruth; 1 & 2 Kings; 1 & 2 Chronicles; Esther; JobEcclesiastes, Song of Songs; Isaiah; Jeremiah, Lamentations; Ezekiel; Daniel;Joel, Obadiah, Malachi; Hosea, Amos, Micah; Jonah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah; Haggai, Zechariah; Matthew; Mark;Luke; John; Acts; Romans1Corinthians; Galatians; Ephesians;Philippians; Colossians & Philemon; 1 & 2 Thessalonians; 1 & 2 Timothy & Titus; Hebrews; James; 1 Peter; 2 Peter & Jude; 1, 2, & 3 John; Revelation.

Some articles of note:

A good article  from Stephen McAlpine on the lack of evangelizing among Christians in general and the reason Pentecostals are more willing to evangelize and another one on Christians Kids being worse at generosity than non-Christians here.

Does the Bible teach that a woman has to marry her rapist?

Amazon has opened its first brick and mortar store.

John Piper, Tim Keller and Richard Coekin on Expositional Preaching.

JI Packer in his own words from the Gospel Coalition.

The Top Ten God Exalting Books from Cripplegate.

And a few more here from Tim Challies.


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