Books N More (Nov. 23)



  • has many good deals if you use their Bible Software. You may be able to get an additional discount (off the sale price) if you contact Ryan Roberts ( For 5 FREE books click here (should be sorted by low price).
  • The New American Commentary Studies in Bible & Theology Bundle is just $39.95 (maybe less if Pastor and contact Ryan above).
  • The 91 volume Spurgeon collection is $79.95
  • Through Nov. 30 you can get the NICOT/NICNT for the unheard of price of just $599.95. Just for comparison sake, the 43 volumes in print retail for over $2,000 and Logos sells it for around $1,800. For the half a dozen volumes I’m missing Logos wants $300! I could buy the entire set from Wordsearch for twice that! Additionally, if you own/use Bibleworks (from at least version 8 and maybe even version 7) this is usable within that program as well. A great deal!
  • The 14 volume Gospel Advocate commentary is currently 49.95 (reg. $199.95).
  • Wordsearch will also have one day sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday at this link.

Print Books:

To get a free book summary and access to several other book summaries sign up here – you can subscribe to the service but you can also just get a free account and have limited access to reviews (print and maybe (?) some audio).

If you are looking for a way to keep your library organized I have used Book Collector for several years and though I think it could be tweaked in a few areas I have found it quite valuable. You can enter an ISBN number (or purchase a scanner) and it will find most books from internet searching and create a library for you. You can loan books, manage, books, input various field info (price, store purchased at, date read, location in library, etc.). I hear the updates coming in 2016 include scanning from your computer camera. Anyway, for someone with a decent sized library (multiple thousand books of which only half are in the database) I find it beneficial. The link is here and they have a sale for Black Friday.

Articles to check out:

Videos to check out:

For Youth Ministires who want an updated evangelistic tool from the Gideons – check out the Lifebook – and ESV based Gospel of John with thought provoking comments and questions scattered throughout. This tool is aimed at involving teens in evangelizing. They are free by the case of 100 here.

For Children’s Ministry:

  • For some ideas on video based ways to teach children about God check out Theo Presents and download their FREE video on the Good News.
  • For various Bible and Christian based doodles check out the Christian section of Religious Doodles.
  • For some FREE lessons check out Kids Sunday School Place (it’s not all free but there are a bunch of free lessons). You can start on the page with Salvation Lessons and Activities.


  • For deals and ideas on gadgets and cool stuff check out The Sweet Home website.


More to come as the week unfolds…


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