Books N More (Dec. 3)

Don’t miss out on today’s FREE Advent deal from Logos. Today’s FREEBIE includes The Cornerstone Biblical Commentary on 1-2 Timothy, Titus, & Hebrews (regularly $26.95). The FREE Art for the Day is here.

For those of you who do not own Logos Bible Software and may think the posts about FREE books from Logos/Vyrso are not relevant to you I want to tell you two ways you can use these resources without spending any additional money.

  1. You can download the Logos 6 Core Engine for FREE (PC and Mac) and it comes with the basics necessary to read and study the Bible. And all the books that I tell you about are then added to your Logos Library. If you take advantage of the deals I post you will get (for FREE) hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of Bible Study materials and books. For a list of FREE books in addition to the ones that come with the Core Engine download go here.
  2. If you are not interested in Bible Study Software but prefer to just use a book reader, specifically Kindle – the resources (books) in Logos 6 are able to be sent to your Kindle. This is why instead of buying them in Kindle when they are on sale, I first check with Logos or Vyrso (their ebook publishing arm) and purchase them there. That way I get to use them in both Logos and Kindle. You can also just use the Vyrso reading app if you prefer. Thus you have several options to take advantage of the FREE and reduced price deals that Logos/Vyros offer.

From Amazon Kindle today you can get

Good Children’s Curriculum is not usually cheap. In our small church plant (with lots of children) we are always looking for new ideas and I probably find 1-2 new websites per week (someday I’ll post a list. Much of our ministry is done on-the-fly, not meaning unprepared but meaning on-the-go. We go to an Apartment Complex. We do an after school program at a local elementary school. We do ministry in public parks (and did church services there for a long time). This requires a lot of adaptation and though I probably won’t ever find the perfect curriculum the following are a couple I have come across this past month that seem pretty good and are FREE.


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