Books N More (Aug. 9)

Franchising McChurch is currently FREE on Kindle.

Several titles in the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary Series are on sale for $2.99. Here’s the Kindle links.

Several titles from Zondervan on the Gospels are on sale (until 8/11), including;

  • NIV Application Commentary for $4.99 (These are top rated commentaries)
  • Zondervan Exegetical Commentary series for $7.99 (These are excellent commentaries for understanding the structure and flow of the text)
  • The Story of God Commentary
  • Zondervan Illustrated Bible Background Commentary
  • Studies on the Go (Youth Ministry Oriented) for $3.99

Zondervan Bundle packages are available at an additional discount as well. View the sale.

By signing up here you can also receive a free commentary collection on Matthew 28 (from Zondervan).

New American Commentary sale

The latest edition of the journal Themelios (41.2) is out. You can download it here (pdf) or here (Logos) for FREE.

Logos Now Membership is Logos‘ new online membership program for $89/year (this was previously called Logos Now). With this you are renting the tools instead of buying them but if you haven’t already invested heavily in the platform this is a good way to get in. Members will receive extra discounts and specials monthly as well as other perks. You can check it out here. Not sure when the next edition of Logos (version 7) will be out but my guess is sometime between now and the beginning of January.

WORDsearch Bible Software has several items on sale, includng;

Interested in taking a FREE college or seminary level Bible Class. The following are currently FREE offers (limited time).

For other courses that are regularly available for viewing for FREE check out

The new print book No God But One: Allah or Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi has some special offers if pre-ordered. Look for my review on this book in the coming weeks.


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