Get WORDsearch with 100s of Books for FREE TODAY!

Due to business I have not kept you updated on FREE and sale books (Books N More) but WORDsearch has too many great deals available for you not to take advantage of some of them today. This post will focus strictly on WORDsearch Bible Software, this Bible study platform bought out QuickVerse and is now run by Lifeway.

If you use Bible software I want to recommend WORDsearch, not because it’s the best software (it’s good but it’s not the best) but because of the value you get for the resources. I have tried to switch to just one platform (I have at least 6 different Bible Study Software programs including Logos 7, Bibleworks 8, Accordance 11 Lite, WORDsearch, The Word, E-Sword).

For instance, for those interested in original language works the Theological Dictionary of the OT ($150 for 15 volumes) and NT is currently ($99 for 10 vols) on sale. If you call my sales rep Ryan (see below) he can probably save you something additional and maybe throw in a free book (tell him Kevin Adams sent you). In addition to the above referenced items the WORDsearch Thanksgiving sale (end today) includes Pillar New Testament Commentary (14 vols) for $100,  New Testament for Everyone (NT Wright) for $60, Reformation Commentary Set (9 vols) for $100, 20 books for $20, The Bible Speaks Today OT/NT (55 vols) for $150, Exegetical Guide to Greek NT (5 vols) for $50, NAC Studies in Bible & Theology Bundle (10 vols) for $40, Feasting on the Word set (12 vols) for $50, Knowing the Bible Bundle (20 vols) for $60, Gospel Advocate Commentary (14 vols) for $50, Perspectives Series (9 vols) for $50, Theology Bundle (50 vols) for $40, Keil & Delitzsch (10 vols) for $20, Dictionary of Biblical Imagery for $15, the IVP Dictionary Bundle (9 vols) for $150 , ISBE Bundle (1915 and Revised) for $100, and many more (Butler, etc.), including the following FREE items

While WORDsearch is not my primary Bible Study Software (Logos is), it has become my secondary and I use it weekly. I try to purchase primarily in Logos but some of the items listed above are (1) not available in Logos and (2) will probably never be at the price WORDsearch is selling them for. For instance the Theological Dictionary of the OT is $700 at Logos and will probably not go below $300. Thus I bought it from WORDsearch for $130 (directly from Ryan – $20 off the sale price of $150).

As if that’s not enough, WORDsearch has a 195 volume library designed for those teaching and preaching for FREE here. This FREE bundle also includes the WORDsearch 10 engine/software to utilize all the resources. Then you can browse the 200 or so additional FREE books here and be sure to check in every Friday for the FREE book listed here!

No, I don’t work for WORDsearch (although maybe I should). For additional discounts (up to 30% on top of most sale prices contact Ryan Roberts at 800-825-2648 ext 7145 or Let him know that Kevin Adams referred you (not sure if it will help me but it cant’ hurt). 

P.S. If you like Warren Wiersbe’s material WORDsearch just put some of his titles on sale today as well.

P.S.S. My recommendation if you already use Logos (or another program) is to evaluate what they are selling these resources for (including in bundle or base package deals). If you will likely purchase them at a later time for a better or similar price then wait. However, if the items are not available, are too expensive, are not in a bundle/base package, are not likely to go on sale for a similar price – then unless you have lots of extra money and can afford to keep everything in one platform I suggest using two platforms for financial reasons.

P.S.S.S. If you’re in a pinch and have a lot of printer paper you can do an Instant Verse Study (IVS) in WORDsearch and it will bring together all the comments from all your resources (you can select which ones if you prefer) in a single word document that you can save for later, print for reading, etc. Of course you can also just use their mobile or web app which syncs with all the resources you own.




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