Religion and Race

I remember as a young believer being back in NY for the summer to work at a restaurant and listening to a middle school boy claim to be a Christian while at the same time arguing that the KKK was biblical. I tried to no avail to help him understand that Christianity and racism were not compatible.

Fast forward a dozen or more years and I find a group of people who claim to be followers of Jesus, true Israelite’s, who believe white people are destined for hell.

Oh, how racism rears it’s satanic head regardless of color or culture. For me, maybe it was more of a shock when I realized that there were people who thought I – because of my color – was doomed to destruction. I think that was the first time I was on “that” side of the issue.

I happened to be teaching at a Christian school at the time and a former student was being sucked into this group so I began studying their origins, teachings, etc. and wrote a 30+ page refutation of some of their basic teachings (click here to download paper in MS Word).

Unfortunately, since I’m white the student, nor I guess his “teachers” would read what I wrote. I have not seen this student in years but I continue to see the group he was affiliated with – and if you live in Central Florida you probably have too. They frequent areas where non-whites live. Since I live in Pine Hills I see them about every month gathered on the corner of Hiawasee/Silver Star or somewhere else in the Pine Hills area.

Sadly, this group has all day Saturday school where they learn some semblance of Hebrew, study the KJV and the Apocrypha and become zealots for God – hating whites because God hated Esau!

It is a sad state of affairs when the God who appeared to Abraham and promised to bless all the nations of the world through him, who expected Israel to be a light to the Gentiles and was Himself via His incarnation a light to the Gentiles, who healed more than on Gentile in the OT and welcomed numerous Gentiles in the NT would be accused of hating an entire group of people – all of which are descended from one man – Adam! We really are relatives people!

Sometimes, the only thing left to pray is…

Oh, Lord Jesus, Crusher of the Serpent, come soon!


About Kevin M. Adams

M.Div.: Biblical Studies M.A.: Biblical Studies B.S.: Criminal Justice Diploma: Business Management 20 Years Youth Ministry 12 Years Food Service 9 Years School Teacher 7 Years Bus Driving 7 Years Church Planter/Pastor Enjoy Camping, Canoeing, Photography, Tennis (not good!), Reading
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