Books N More (Mar. 14)


  • BOGO sale through March 31. This is one of the best times to pick up resources, especially with the opportunity for TWO additional discounts.
    • Before purchasing the book deals go buy $200 gift cards for $100 – that’s another $20 in savings but these must be purchased by Mar. 16 so go here and get them now.
    • Discount #2 will save you another 15% off the BOGO sale price. To get this extra 15% email or call your order to (800-825-2648 x7145)
    • Now with an extra $20 and an extra 15% go browse the 50 BOGO packages that include
      • Preachers outline & Sermon Bible (44 vols)
      • New American Commentary (42 vols)
      • New International Greek Testament Commentary (13 vols)
      • College Press OT/NT Commentary ()
      • Ancient Christian Commentary on Scriptures (30 vols)
      • Focus on the Bible Commentary (42 vols)
      • Preaching the Word Commentary (40 vols)
      • and lots more from $50 to $500


  • For a limited time the Expositor’s Bible Commentary (old edition) is on sale for $129.95. Although this set has since been updated, this 12 volume set has been a standard evangelical set and is still a recommended buy. Since it’s a Zondervan title the only good time to buy it is when it’s on sale – Zondervan is quite picky with what can be on sale and for how long!

Olive Tree

  • Olive Tree was purchased by Zondervan a couple years ago and I hadn’t thought much about it because I already use Logos, Bibleworks, WORDsearch, The Word, etc. However, I did notice today that they have several good works by Paul Copan for 99 cents today as well as Understanding the Times as a Daily Deal for just $2.99. I checked Logos and Kindle and they were not available at those prices. Here’s a list of some of the titles.
  • You can browse their other sale items here. The Zondervan Exegetical Commentary Series is also supposed to be 50% off through the 16th I think (according to Zondervan Academic FB post) but I didn’t see that they were actually on sale.

2 FREE from Monergism

  • Improvement of Affliction by James Buchanan-in ePub & .mobi formats – New eBook  “We have not read any work on the subject which equals it either in the substantial matter which it brings before the afflicted for their consolation, or in the variety of its details. Were we desirous, indeed, that Affliction should be properly understood and improved — we could not recommend any book so well adapted for both purposes as this. We earnestly hope that it will soon find its way into every Christian family.” Scottish Guardian.
  • Historical Theology by William Cunningham- in ePub and .mobi formats William Cunningham’s 2-volume Historical Theology, derived from his lectures given at New College in Edinburgh from 1847–1861, tells the story of the church through the history of its theology. From a decidedly biblical/Reformed perspective he chronicles the theological tension between law and grace, between sin and forgiveness, and between Christ’s first coming and his second.


If you made it this far pick up the free song of the week at


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