He Cares

In Numbers 35:9-15 Moses has recorded God’s instructions concerning Cities of Refuge. These were cities, scattered throughout the land, where a person could go if they had unintentionally killed someone – to escape any would be “blood avengers”. In other words to escape the lynch mob, the angry family member, etc. As long as they stayed in this city they were safe from harm.

These cities of refuge demonstrate God’s concern with justice and His compassion for people – not just His people (Israelites) but all people. In verse 15 the text says foreigners and temporary residents are included in this legislation.

God is a god of both justice and compassion and we should be too. God wanted the right thing done at the right time – and until there was time to have a trial a person should not unjustly be “avenged” for what they had done – accidental killing in this case.

Are you as concerned with both justice and compassion as God?

“He cares for those who take refuge in Him” Nahum 1:7

Do you Care like God does?


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